I know you want the best for your family. I also know that you can only teach them as much as you know or are willing to learn.

Are you willing to grow so your children can grow beyond the boundaries of what even you currently think are possible?

If I’ve sparked your interest, please take a look at a new offering to help you and your family at

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Cheryl Healey

Children come in equipped with insights from God to help the world.  John Hunter, one very wise man and teacher, helps bring forth this knowledge from the children.  Together we can all help children be the gift they came here to be – naturally.

Thank you John Hunter and everyone helping children, animals and this world.

God bless us all.


I posted this video on Facebook a few months ago.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, please watch.  It sheds light on the higher experience of the ADHD mind from the point of view of someone who has used it to his advantage.  Remember that Albert Einstein had labels of ADHD and Aspergers and discovered the Theory of Special Relativity using his imagination.

After you watch this video, please also check out my free eBook and the video entitled ADHD – Healing The Myth.

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Are you or someone you know feeling a little insecure these days?  Check out The Gift of You blog for a new post entitled: Security From The Inside Out.

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Cheryl Healey

Do you long for family harmony?  Do you have sensitive children?  Are you sensitive?  Do you maximize your intuitive gifts?

Family Harmony Cover Lulu FinalWhether you have a child with a label or not, Family Harmony with Sensitive Children can help you and your family.  In this groundbreaking and inspirational book you will find cutting-edge information to give you and your family the formula for ADHD wellness AND family harmony. Find out how you can create a symphony of body, mind and spirit wellness naturally.

Check it out and please share with those who may benefit.

Enjoy a wonderful and blessed holiday season!


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Explore the issue of feeling safe on the inside at The Gift of You blog.

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