A picture is worth a thousand words. An experience is worth a thousand pictures.

Posted on: July 11, 2012

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an old saying that pre-dates Photoshop which now allows an artist to change a picture to reflect whatever the artist desires.  However, “an experience is worth a thousand pictures” still has value.  The interesting thing about experiences though is that every individual will view an experience differently, even the same experience, based on their own beliefs whether factual or not.  In a world where your habits and points of view can make or break your choices and success in any endeavor including your health, what has to happen for you to achieve your goals for wellness and wellbeing?

For example, any experience you’ve had with very delicious (but not so healthy) foods or beverages triggered a neurotransmitter response that made you feel good or even great.  If you’re allergic to that food or it is toxic to the body, you undoubtedly had a negative response not too long after ingestion.  Maybe you felt tired, full, bloated, or just wanted more of that same great tasting food – even if you weren’t physically hungry.  If you keep that up, you may head toward an experience you won’t enjoy.

Changing a habit takes a firm decision on your part and a minimum of 21 days.  Sticking to that decision takes courage and the willingness to change some of your beliefs and other habits.  Having an accountability partner is a great benefit to keep you on track.

I am here to help change the world view of ADHD and how it is currently treated.  Eating foods from an unhealthy food supply create problems in the human body and in the animals we eat.  Food is meant to be fuel and medicine for the body.  It is not meant to be a replacement for love, security or boredom.

What experience do we need to have as a collective to be willing to love ourselves enough; the children enough; the animals we consume enough; and the Earth enough; to make healthy and sustainable changes now?  It all starts with choice at the individual and family levels.

Many alcoholics have to hit rock bottom before they are willing to change.  Sometimes that isn’t even enough.  The unconscious mind and your comfort zone are part of the fight or flight limbic system.  Their job is to keep you safe.  What if what you think keeps you safe is really taking away your freedom and power to make healthier choices?

Articles such as this may trigger your comfort zone to kick in its heels and find fault with these questions and empowering information.  That’s normal.  The space between is where you know the truth.  Take a breath.  The breath is your connection to your Soul.  Choose Love.  Be grateful.  Smile.  Ask God to guide you.  All is well, and so it is.

Enjoy infinite blessings because you deserve the best and so do the children, animals and the entire world including the Earth.

We are all One.


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