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Have you ever wanted a certain outcome but knew you had no real control over how it would turn out? Did you ever just have to trust God/Consciousness to guide you? I’ve had that experience many times.

One of my most impressive experiences involved a healing. I was told I needed a surgical root canal for the second time on the same tooth. The endodontist showed me film of it to prove his point.

Later, I thought “God, I can’t go through that again. I just can’t. I’ve had so many of those already.” I had been in a car accident years before and my teeth started to be affected over time.

So I decided I was going to try to change the outcome to be the way I wanted it to be. I meditated and then visualized the endodontist’s office and not needing the surgery. I did that until I saw the room filled with white light and felt the feeling of it with gratitude. Then I let it go.

I did some healthful things I knew to do after that and just lived my life until it was time for the appointment. When I sat in the chair and he took a new film, he was shocked and asked what I did? I asked what he meant to which he answered it was healed and I didn’t need surgery. “What did you do?”

I told him prayer and the other things. It wasn’t me. It was Consciousness. I was very grateful. 🙂

Another time I was guided to sell my house during the housing melt-down before I was headed for foreclosure. I set the intention to sell it in less than a month even though that seemed totally unrealistic in that housing market especially for my small two-bedroom villa.

With appropriate actions, focus and attitude, guess what? Not only did it sell and close in less than a month, but I got to live there as a renter. My cat also got to live the rest of her life in the neighborhood she grew up in and loved. I was very grateful.

Those are only two examples of healing in my body, mind and life to align with my guidance and intentions.

What do you want in and for your life or for the world?

There is an Asian story about a farmer who was about to loose his farm. He went to a wise man and asked what he should do. The wise man told him to gather some carrots, eggs and tea leaves. The wise man told him to fill three pots with water and set them to boil; one with the carrots; one with the eggs and one with the tea leaves.

When the desired outcome had occurred, the wise man told the farmer to remove the carrots, eggs and tea from the fire. The wise man asked the farmer what had happened.

The farmer smiled in recognition. The carrots grew soft and mushy. The eggs hard shell did not protect the inside from getting hard. The tea leaves transformed the water into tea.

The boiling water was the challenge. The carrots, eggs and tea leaves all met the challenge with very different results.

As the song title says, “I’ve got the power” and so do you! God is in each and every one of us and every thing. How do you think a caterpillar turns into a butterfly? How do you think an acorn turns into an oak tree? How do you think I healed my body and sold my house?

We have the power of love flowing through us to create blessings for ourselves, others and the world. Sure there are those who believe more in fear than in love and they try to spread that B.S. Guess what? They just get more to fear in life because that’s their focus.

I suggest you tap into your God-given power and go for the life you want. Go ahead. I know you’ve got what it takes.

If you need a little help tapping your inner wisdom along the way, I’m doing a small amount of free coaching.

Enjoy infinite blessings,

Cheryl Healey


Confidence is a state of mind.

It is also a skill that takes practice. Your unconscious mind wants to keep you in your comfort zone where it feels safe but often confused on how to succeed.

In other words, you only have confidence if the task is not new to you. Practice is the only thing that will build confidence and greater skills.

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Create a fabulous and peaceful day!

I’ve struggled with a sugar addiction since I was a young child.  I know this is not unique to me.  Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology has waged a campaign against sugar in his video entitled The Bitter Truth.

As an emotional stress eater, sugar has been my vice since I was a child.  Growing up in a household where food was used as love, it was an easy habit to acquire.  Do you have a Mom or a family member who offers you a cookie or some food to help make you feel better?  “Here honey, have a cupcake.  It’ll make you feel better.”  Unfortunately all it does is distract you temporarily from the issue at hand.  Given the diabetes epidemic and the rise of obesity, this pattern only adds to what should have been a temporary issue if we only decide to move through it rather than push it down with food.

Having recently vowed to give up sugar – again, I decided it was time to lose the excess stress weight and take control of this pattern for good.  As with any addiction, and most especially food addictions, it is very easy to “fall off the wagon.”  Television commercials, magazines and grocery store isles can tempt the taste buds constantly.

I even found a way to trick myself into thinking I was sticking to my plan.  I discovered an organic protein bar and an organic probiotic drink that I love.  While a healthy choice for some, it is still poison for my life-long overworked pancreas.  This morning I decided to go to the store for a second batch of the probiotic drink.  I had two small bottles yesterday so my receptor sites were still abuzz with that sugar high since it takes about three days to move sugar through the body.  It only has one gram of sugar and ten calories after all – seemingly not a bad choice – right?  Not for me.  It may have all organic fruit and probiotics, but my body still reacts to mainlining fruit juice even if it is only one gram of sugar.

My guidance warned me more than once on the way to the store and after I arrived there not to go in.  I even stood outside the store debating with my guidance.  I’m sure anyone who has struggled with a diet or addiction has had this inner battle at one time or another.  In the end, I went in and made the purchase as well as a protein bar.

The protein bar was gone before I got home.  Sound familiar?  Once at home I drank the beverage and sure enough not too long afterward my body reacted with a feeling of inflammation.  A little bit later I got that low blood sugar fatigue.  I poured the rest of the drinks down the drain.

After my last article entitled “In God We Trust?” I realized that addiction can be a metaphor for the Garden of Eden in which Eve took a bite of the apple in spite of her guidance.  My guidance directed me not to go to that store and not buy that which I had decided was not in my highest interest.  Had I listened to my guidance, how much better would my body and mind have felt not having the sugar – organic or not, running through my system wreaking havoc?

I later heard in meditation, “Don’t do that again.”  When faced with an opportunity to go against your guidance and “take a bite of the apple,” remember the orchard of your true intentions that awaits you instead if you stay the course.  Please seek help if you feel you need it.

If you’re a parent with the habit of offering food or unhealthy beverages to your family to calm feelings, please make a conscious effort to change it.  A conversation, a hug, exercise or a heart-connecting alternative are just a few suggestions.  Stay the course.  The end result comes highly recommended 😉

To your health and happiness!

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Enjoy infinite blessings!

While I post many things to raise awareness so everyone is free to make informed choices, my goal is to promote healing and empowerment in the individual.

Please take a moment today to close your eyes and imagine yourself, your loved ones and the world in a ball of Divine healing white light.  Feel Love inside of this light and take it into your heart and send it out to the world.  I will do the same – often.

Please share this practice with those who may be interested.

Thank you!

Cheryl Healey

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