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If you eat food, breathe air or farm the land, you must read this book:  The author, Josh Tickell, deserves a Nobel Prize for connecting the dots which can so powerfully impact the earth and all of humanity in a very positive way.

Just as humans and animals have microbiomes that nourish the body, so too does the soil in which food is grown.  The earth breathes through the plants that inhabit the land everywhere.  When the soil is covered with plant life, carbon in the atmosphere is drawn down into the soil where it belongs.  When plants die or soil is barren, carbon goes up into the atmosphere contributing to global warming.

All of this is just a fraction of the dots connected in this book.  Read it.  Your life and future generations may depend on the expansion of this awareness.

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I know you want the best for your family. I also know that you can only teach them as much as you know or are willing to learn.

Are you willing to grow so your children can grow beyond the boundaries of what even you currently think are possible?

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