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Since every body is different and everyone’s motivation for making healthy choices is different, what would inspire you and your family to make healthy changes now rather than wait to hit rock bottom in a crisis situation?

I really would like your input.

In the free e-book entitled ADHD Wellness Program, I presented the cause and solutions that forward-thinking doctors are already implementing.  A step by step program was presented in an easy-to-follow process.

In the video called ADHD – Healing the Myth, the big picture cause was illustrated so everyone can understand how and why children are experiencing symptoms and why some degenerative aging diseases have become the norm in our society.  My goal is to raise awareness and witness the eradication of the meme of ADHD in my lifetime.

Since I am also sensitive to many foods and sugar, I am also healing myself.  This is such a complicated topic as it involves health, eating and exercise habits, foods (which involves money and lifestyle) and environment or culture which involves beliefs.  We are currently moving through a hopefully temporary fear-based stressed-out time on our planet.  Almost everyone can feel it – including children.  Many use food, pills or addictions to numb the stress.

Change happens when the individual sees the need for change in their life and decides to change based on how it makes them feel.  The bottom line is that we all accept the “love” we feel we deserve.  I put love in quotes because it is meant to be generic and touch upon anything that is loving for you, your body or your life.  The same goes for your children.  You each must want something more than you don’t want something else and BELIEVE you have the ability to achieve it.

For example,

▪       You may want natural solutions for your family but don’t want to spend extra money on food that can be used for other things that are more fun or deemed more necessary.

▪       A pill seems easier and you have so little extra time already.

▪       Your parents used food as love so now you do it with your children.  Here honey, have a cookie…  Is that really just another pacifier?

▪       You want to be healthy and trim but don’t want to go for a walk or to the gym if it means missing your favorite TV programs.

▪       You’re too tired to work out even though certain exercises are invigorating and will give you good energy.

▪       You may believe that it’s normal that people end up in nursing homes now so you’ve already warned your kids to take care of you later on so you don’t have to change and make healthy choices now.

What are you teaching your children?  What are your expectations for your life?  You all deserve a fabulous wonderful life!  When you settle for less than your dreams, you’ll get less than your dreams.

I know this is a multi-faceted issue.  Lack of funds to purchase organic healthy foods often leads to unhealthy choices.  Allergens can eventually create an addictive response in the body.  When the ph and healthy flora are compromised, candida may thrive and you crave the foods that are unhealthy.

In addition, people like to be entertained.  It helps to counteract the stress of life.  So you may make a choice to feel better in the moment rather than go the extra mile or dollar for your health.

It’s easy to blame “them” or the systems, but change starts one choice at a time, one person and one family at a time.

When you raise your awareness of what you don’t and do want, sometimes ideas and solutions have a magical way of showing up.

This blog and the ADHD Children Facebook page have many posts to inform and inspire.  Check them out and please share them with your friends.

Enjoy infinite blessings!

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Enjoy infinite blessings!

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