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I am blessed to have been born in the United States where we have freedom of speech and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It is from a place of love that I write this article so please take it as such.

During the Vietnam war, the U.S. used a chemical weapon called agent orange on the Vietnamese people.  Recently, Dow has been seeking USDA approval of a new GMO corn called Enlist.  Enlist contains an agent orange derivative.  Dow and Monsanto have teamed up to combine Enlist with Monsanto GMO technology to create Smartstax®.  Rather than denying approval, the USDA has said it needs more time to evaluate the risks of these products.  The USDA also stated that the use of pesticides increases when herbicide resistant crops (GMO’s) become dominant.

What is wrong with this picture?

As consumers, we are all complicit in this practice.  We buy the chemically laden products including food, beauty and cleaning products.  When adverse symptoms or cancer shows up in people or pets, more chemicals called drugs or chemo are used to combat the symptoms often caused by toxic exposure.  How many new birth defects, diseases and infertility issues appeared in the last century as the use of toxic chemicals rose?

We may not use large doses of chemical weapons on the population as Syria did, but small doses of chemical poisons and pesticides over a lifetime have extremely adverse affects on children, adults, animals and the planet.

When researching “cures”, we never seem to find the root cause but rather find a new chemical drug to treat the symptoms.  This practice only causes more adverse reactions and symptoms called side effects.  Don’t get me wrong here.  Drugs and modern medicine can save and prolong lives.  However, God’s cures are plentiful in nature even though they’re not big money-makers.  The American people deserve to have options as God intended.

I am very passionate about health and a healthy food supply.  I will confess that I love the taste of sugar and sometimes contribute to the problem as a consumer.  It’s almost impossible not to purchase unhealthy foods at this time in history.  In a previous article, the temporary GMO Rider seems to highlight that corporations have a lot of power in our government.  Food and health have become political issues.

During a recent lunch with a dear friend, I mentioned that the American people seem apathetic to this issue.  She looked at me with sadness and said it wasn’t apathy but a feeling of hopelessness as if there’s nothing that can be done to change it.  So she spends her money wisely to vote as best she can on healthy choices.

Until GMO’s are labeled, however, any food purchase – even for babies; is a crap shoot.  Our next opportunity to pass a GMO labeling law is in November with 522 in Washington state.   Please show your support and spread the word.  GMO’s are labeled in over 60 countries.  It’s time Americans have the right to know if we are buying foods that contain genetically modified organisms.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and this is a large topic that involves many industries.  However, Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Poisoning God’s food supply including livestock has only brought disease and inhumane treatment to the animals we consume.  I pray that God enters our hearts and minds and shows us a healthier and kinder way.

The people of this country elect the leaders of this country.  The people of this country fund the government and the corporations.  Do you agree that poisoning the food supply is a good idea?  If not, then what would inspire you to care enough about your health and the health of your children to make some healthy changes?

How do you feel about this issue?  Please comment and share with your friends.

My last post was written from a state of disbelief about the GMO rider that is being referred to as the “Monsanto Protection Act”.  Now that the shock has lifted and the sad temporary reality has set in, I found this statement from Senator Mikulski’s office.  Senator Barbara Mikulski, Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee has a record of protecting the American public.  This new law obviously does not.  I do not mean to single out Senator Mikulski as she was not the only voter in the Senate or the House and President Obama signed it into law after the voting was complete.  I address this to all politicians.

I understand the compromises politicians must make once they enter into what is now the corporate dictatorship rather than what is believed to be a democracy.  Was that really the only option available to avoid a government shutdown?  I do understand the fears and pressures we are all under in these trying times.

The good news, however, is that the bill is only in effect for six months and some politicians are saying they will not let this pass into law again.  I pray they stick to their word.  Hopefully biotech companies cannot do any more damage during the next six months.

May God inspire all politicians and appointees to start thinking and acting for the wellbeing of all the people who put them in office and have some backbone rather than bend to the will of the corporations who fund them before, during or after political office.  How ironic it is that corporations are funded by the same people who elect politicians.  Perhaps this will wake up the nation.  One can only hope and trust in God to help turn the tide back to democracy and a nation of people who take an active role in their own health rather than assume ADHD is a disorder and a nursing home is the inevitable end of the road.

I must also admit that I am not perfect either as I write this article.  Today I ate a bagel which probably contained things that were unhealthy.  Since they were sold freshly-baked by my local grocery store and GMO’s are not labeled yet, it is hard for me to know for sure what was truly in them.  We all do the best we think we can with the money, time and awareness with which we have to work.

When the food supply becomes pure again and animals are treated humanely and not drugged, food and health will hopefully no longer be a political bargaining chip.  Now that’s a prayer!

As in my last post, I would like to share some very informative articles I have come across which I also posted on Facebook.  It appears that it took a while for mainstream media to speak up about this issue, but they are covering it now.

Please be sure to connect on my Facebook page at since I update that more than this blog.

I will list the links below to the articles I mentioned in case you would like to read them.

To the health of the nation!

I’ve been searching the web and CNN and FOX to see if they have this story also, and I found nothing recent.  Other than MSN, I can only find information on other sites that promote health and business news.  At first I was angry that this could have happened.  Now I believe I may be in a state of disbelief or shock.  Did this really pass into law?

If this is really true, this puts GMO producers into the same category as drug companies who make vaccines in that they now cannot be sued for any damages caused by their products.  In the case of vaccines, a pseudo court was created called “Vaccine Court” which is presided over by an attorney.  IF parents can prove their child was damaged by a vaccine, any settlements they are awarded are paid by taxpayers – not drug companies.  It would appear biotech food producers may have been awarded that same protection in addition to many others in the provisions of this bill.

The FDA and the politicians elected by the American people have shown us all where their loyalties reside – if this is in fact true.

Below are links to a few articles about the “Monsanto Protection Act.”   This bold-faced shocking maneuver, if it’s true, has very interesting timing on the part of our government a/k/a the corporate dictatorship given that citizens around the country have been working to get the labeling of GMO’s on the ballot in their states since it failed by a small margin in California in November 2012.

Do you smell foul play?

GMO’s are labeled in over 40 countries around the world.  The American consumer is the most powerful lobby group in the world.  When Americans are able to read that the food they feed their children contain GMO’s, that market would collapse quickly.  Consumers can stop buying the products once they are labeled, but this new “Act” means that federal courts cannot stop these companies from turning 100% of our food supply into GMO’s.  Here is a link to a PDF of world-wide GMO labeling laws.

I consider this “Act” – if it is true, a violation of our human right to have a say in our own health and know what we put in our bodies and feed children, pets and the fish and animals we consume.  Since God created the original seeds which biotech companies cannot patent, I feel confident that while corporations may have won round one, God is in charge of the next round and has a better plan brewing to make things right for the health and wellbeing of this country.  We must stop being sheep and keep the faith.  I know I will do both.

Here are the links to some articles about the “Monsanto Protection Act.”

If you agree, please comment and/or share this post.  The children need our help NOW more than ever.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please view my video entitled “ADHD – Healing the Myth” on this site or on YouTube.

This is a very informative article about the GMO Rider.  If you care about your health and the health of your children, you’ll take the time to read it and share it.

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