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  • Does your child struggle in school or have trouble “fitting in”?
  • Would you like your child to succeed as naturally as possible?
  • Do you wish you and your family had tools to help you stay calm and focused in the face of conflict?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, please take a moment to learn some valuable information and receive a free class designed to help you and your children gracefully move through your comfort zones.

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Wishing you and your family all the best.

Cheryl Healey, C.N.H.P.


Does your child hit a brick wall in the middle of homework?  Do they lag behind in one or more subjects?  Here are some suggestions to help with these issues.

A ten minute break to do something physical such as jump on a rebounder, do jumping jacks, lift 2 pound arm weights – anything that will move the stress through and out of their mind and body will help them settle down and refocus.

If it calls to you, Bach Flower Remedy Clematis is known to help support focus issues.  Seven drops in a cup of hot water twice a day for as long as is needed.  I recommend giving the drops in hot water like a tea so the alcohol in which it is preserved is defused and not given to a child.

If your child has developed study habits that do not support completion, you may have to help them tap into their “why”.  One child with whom I worked was told by an older student that English changes every year and you never use it anyway.  Therefore, given the workload of this straight A student, he felt it was not a priority.

Through a coaching conversation he found this limiting belief and decided that he wanted good grades to go to a good college.  So he changed his mind about applying himself to that subject.

Children have their own reasons for why they do and do not apply themselves that may not have anything to do with their “ability” to focus.  Sometimes they’re just bored or overburdened.  Please take the time to explore their why with them.

Also remember that it takes approximately 21 days to change a habit.  New neuropathways must be created in the brain to form a new habit pattern.  So your child may need a little coaching during this time of change to be successful.  Keep the conversations upbeat like cheering on your favorite team.  Also ask them what style of support works for them.  The answer may surprise you.

Wishing you and your family all the best,

Cheryl Healey, C.N.H.P.

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