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If you and your family already have the life you desire, congratulations. If not, perhaps these real-life examples will provide insights that may help you. Often times seeing how others have worked through their issues not only helps you feel that you’re not alone, but can also provide a morphing-off point to spark your own gifts.

Here are some examples offered to inspire you at

Enjoy infinite blessings!


I recently posted an action item which I don’t usually do. However, censorship is something I experience personally and it continues to spread regarding natural solutions for health as well as our right to share that information and give testimonials. I believe I have a right to choose how I treat or prevent an illness in my body as well as tell others about it so they have the right to choose for themselves. Every “body” is different. Everyone knows the required disclaimers regarding “checking with your doctor first….” We all have the right to know and share alternative health-care options and then choose for ourselves – especially since every drug comes with known side-effects. Is America a corporate dictatorship or a democracy?

The link I posted previously is no longer accessible so I am removing it. Was it a true or temporary action item or a hoax which is so common on the internet these days? I unfortunately run into things like that on my journey to heal the myth of ADHD.

Even state legislatures now experience issues regarding their right to pass laws to label GMO’s.  Connecticut started the ball rolling as is their right, but they know there is safety in numbers and require other neighboring states to follow before they act on their own new law.  I assume they don’t want to be sued by biotech companies as so many farmers do who lose their farms.  I ask again, is this a corporate dictatorship or a democracy?

The American people are waking up.  Parents have the right to know what they are feeding their families and pets.

I have posted the link below to the World-wide GMO labeling laws before, but it is worth repeating. It shows how far behind the United States and North America in general are regarding the people’s right to know what you eat and feed your families.

Please share this post if it calls to you.

To your health!

For many people, the American dream means getting married, having children, and living happily ever after.  The day-to-day doesn’t always feel like happily ever after though does it?

Are you the parent of a sensitive child? 

Does your sensitive child:

    *  Care about other people’s feelings as much or more than their own

    *  Sense when something is wrong

*  Take many things personally that weren’t meant to be personal

*  Feel emotional conflicts within the home are their issues to fix

*  Withdraw or hide when there is an argument or harsh words

*  Have allergies to food or other substances

*  Seem wise beyond their years in some ways

If you could spend an hour one morning learning how to better understand your sensitive child, help them with their gifts and create family harmony, would that be worth something to you?

Since every child truly is a unique work of art, the way a child displays their sensitivity depends on certain factors.  Some of those factors include:

*  What your child believes about themselves

*  What they believe about their safety at home and in their outer world

*  Understanding their own sensitivity and intuitive gifts

*  Learning to trust it is OK and safe to be themselves

*  Environments

We all have our own way of viewing and interpreting life and everything that happens around us.  So does your sensitive child.  With heightened gifts, they can sometimes feel what other people feel and mistake those feelings for their own.

Has your child been give a label of ADHD?  Sometimes that happens.

Is it difficult for you sometimes to keep the faith that everything will work out well?

If you could spend one hour getting help with these issues, would that be time well spent?

Sign up for this webinar if you are ready to:

*   Unhook from the collective mindset about sensitive children

    *  Tap into your inner guidance and help your child do the same

*  Understand the bigger picture

    *  Think out of the box

*  Create new awareness and opportunities

    *  Learn tools to help move forward in faith and confidence

You will receive a lot of great information based on my training, research and experience.  However, I know you may be struggling with very specific issues.  So, I will provide time toward the end of the webinar to answer your questions!

When:               Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. ET

Where:              Internet (To hear the audio you will need to dial in via

phone or computer.)

Cost:                  $10.00

Registration:    E-mail

Register now as space is limited! 

Learn how you and your child may create a more harmonious path embracing sensitivity as the gift it is meant to be.

Cheryl Healey is a professionally trained Life Coach, ADHD Solutions Expert, Speaker and Author.  Cheryl was once a sensitive child herself.  Join in and benefit from her expert wisdom, knowledge and experience.  To learn more about Cheryl, visit and

Share this information with someone you know who needs help for their sensitive child.  They will be glad you did!

Life purpose is a rather interesting concept to explore.  Some people don’t believe in it; others think we all have a multitude of purposes; while others believe it is our Soul reason for being here.

I feel that we are born knowing our purpose.  It is all too common that our purpose is coaxed out of us by those who feel it doesn’t seem realistic, won’t provide a good living or follow in the family footsteps.  I also believe that our purpose evolves and matures as we do.  Our life experiences prepare us to move into more and more of who we really are meant to become in this lifetime.  We ultimately are meant to share our knowledge with those who may benefit and choose to listen.

It is also important to note that life purpose may not equate to a job or a way to earn a living.

Then there is that thing called a mid-life crisis which is just another way for our higher self to say “get on with what you came here to be and do!”

We must be and do that which makes our Soul and heart ignite with joy and desire.  Your Soul wants you to be happy!  When we fight or fear moving forward with what our Soul wants, life has a tendency to beat us up a bit.  We sometimes turn to addictions to drown the call or even fall into depression.

So what is the remedy, especially for light workers who hesitate to step into their purpose in this lifetime?  I wish I knew!  My Soul has been kicking me to raise awareness about natural solutions to help children with the new ADHD brain.  It comes easily to me when I allow myself to do it.  Friends of mine have told me they have never seen me speak with such passion as when I am speaking on this topic.  Why then would I or anyone who knows what they are here to do hesitate to jump in with both feet?

I will share why part of my mission has created hesitation for me.  Perhaps this may help you further define your reasons and move through them.

  • Raising awareness that the ADHD brain is the next evolution of the human brain is a new concept for the current mainstream thinking.  What will people think?
  • How can I make money doing this?
  • Children with ADHD are very sensitive to food and their environment which can be big issues to address and change.
  • I am up against our current fast-paced quick-fix mindset as a society where convenience rules.  Drugs are more convenient than changing one’s lifestyle.
  • Under the current public school system model, children’s test scores determine funding and run the whole system under the misguided No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  An auditory teaching style predominates, and every child is not an auditory learner.  This environment typically initiates the need to control ADHD symptoms.
  • Parents are under pressure to have their child fit in and get good grades so the NCLB system can run smoothly.
  • Not to mention the old standard that children are expected to get good grades and head toward college to create a good life.
  • The currently accepted and easiest treatment option for a diagnosis of ADHD is a prescription pill.  It is not always the cheapest option, however.

So what keeps me going?

  • It is part of my purpose.
  • I identify with these kids.  Most are very sensitive and intuitive just as I am.  They are very in-tune with their environment and have food sensitivities.
  • Natural solutions are available and have worked for over 40 years.
  • An unhealthy epigenome caused by what we eat is the cause of ADHD symptoms.  (See my previous ADHDChildren blog post for more information.)
  • Child-specific diet, exercise and coaching or counseling (when needed) are the solutions.  Insurance pays for counseling, but not coaching.
  • The children are worth it and so is the world they will create as they grow up and contribute their individual talents, gifts and life purpose.
  • Albert Einstein had ADHD and Asperger’s and look at what he accomplished!

In his book entitled The New Brain (Rodale Books, September, 2004), Richard Restak, M.D., a neurosurgeon and popular science writer about the brain, makes a case of a society creating a need for ADHD traits and that perhaps ADHD should no longer be considered a disorder.   If Dr. Restak, countless others and I know that ADHD is becoming the new normal and can be treated naturally, it is probably a very safe bet that drug companies and food manufacturers know it too.

I wrote a letter to a major ADHD drug company a while back asking for sponsorship to raise awareness for natural solutions.  I suggested that the good will they would receive would show up in sales of their other product lines and counter the loss of ADHD drug sales.  They were not interested.

A friend of mine went to a conference recently.  In the room next door was a different conference for the sales staff of a drug company.  She said they were wearing big buttons that read “The Whole World on _____”.  The blank being their latest and greatest drug.

I am all for drugs for certain health issues and life threatening conditions.  Drugs and modern science saved my Dad’s life and are keeping him alive.  I heard the President of a natural products company state in a presentation that if he was being rushed to the hospital with a heart attack, he would not want them to hand him an aloe leaf to suck on.  There is a time and place for drugs AND natural solutions.  I believe natural solutions should be the first choice for children with a diagnosis of ADHD.  Otherwise, if we keep heading in our current direction, the whole world will be on ADHD drugs in the future – one child at a time starting at the age of six.  Check out

There is room for all solutions.  That’s what makes this time on the planet so wonderful.  The problem I see is that big business has a heavy if not controlling hand and influence with media, government and who knows what else.  Everything, including the new food safety bill, is spun to delude the public into thinking our best interests are being served.  In reality, it’s just another band-aid which also makes it more difficult for the small and independent farmers and food processors to survive.

CNN recently aired a segment interviewing an expert who stated that we currently have an epidemic of ignorance in this country.  We are being fed what the powers that be want us to think and the American public blindly takes it in.

So…back to life purpose.  In a “what’s in it for me” country riddled with many struggles ranging from a down-turn economy to an emerging energy crisis or possibly yet another war, who really cares that ADHD children are ushering in the next evolution of the human brain?  Who really cares that healthy food (as proven by the science of Epigenetics) is the solution for a healthy mind and body?

Who really cares?  I do!

Think about what will happen if the tide continues to flow in its current direction.  Under the NCLB Act which typically puts stress on both children and teachers rather than nurture them, children are put on drugs at the age of approximately six or whenever “symptoms” become a problem.  They may or may not stay on the drug for the rest of their life.  All drugs have side effects.  ADHD drugs are speed which usually triggers an addictive response in the brain.  ADHD drugs are easily shared and abused.  This means that children are being groomed to be addicts and depend on drugs for the primary purpose of controlling focus to achieve better grades.  This is not a good recipe for health or self-esteem – do you agree?

The mindset around drugs is that there is something “wrong” with you if you need a drug to “fix” it.

A Mom I know was determined not to put her child on ADHD drugs once she heard the diagnosis.  She even cried when she thought of the idea.  Being a single Mom and under pressure from the school, she eventually decided to numb that calling inside of her and opted to use drugs.  Her child started to display moodiness and neediness when the drugs wore off in the evening, but grades did improve.

I am not here to judge anyone’s choices.  I don’t know what I would have done in her shoes.  Life can be quite challenging in these times in which we live.  I am here, however, to raise awareness so parents can make informed decisions for their children.

I also intend that somehow and some way big business starts to recognize animals and people cannot survive on some form of corn just because it is easy and inexpensive to grow.  This is great for the weight loss industry but not for any other living breathing being.  I also intend that over time animals are raised in humane ways by big business.  There are some things more important than the bottom line, and I say this as a Capricorn who used to work in the wealth management sector of corporate America!

Life Purpose….hmm….  They say that God never gives us anything we can’t handle.  I do know that life is a whole lot easier and more graceful when we follow our guidance.  So that is what I will do – follow my guidance to that which ignites my heart and Spirit.  One day at a time.

Blessings for your increased awareness and well-being!

Get ready for many pieces of the puzzle to be connected in the information below:

1.  The ADHD brain is the next evolution of the human brain.

Did you know that an estimated 5-10% of children ages 6-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD?  According to statistics, 2.5 million or more children in the United States alone are on drugs to manage their symptoms.  ADHD is also on the rise all around the world.  Why are the numbers so high and constantly increasing?  Why do so many children have a brain that is different and labeled as ADHD?  Have you ever asked these questions?

With 5-10% of the youth population of the U.S. diagnosed with an ADHD brain, not including adults with ADHD, it has reached critical mass or the tipping point.  In his book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell states that a tipping point is “the level at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable.”

It is said we currently live in the Information Age and some say we are moving into the Attention Age.  Multi-tasking has been adopted as a way of coping to try to keep up with all that is going on around us and in our busy lives.  By multi-tasking, an entire population is trying to adapt and do what the ADHD brain does naturally.  However, medical studies now tell us that multi-tasking creates damage in the human brain.

Since the time of the caveman, the human brain has gone through many stages of progression.  It would be unwise to believe we have already reached the pinnacle of evolution in our current state.

Did you know that Albert Einstein had ADHD and Aspergers?  He didn’t speak until around the age of six.  One of Albert’s elementary school teachers told his father that “It doesn’t matter what he does because he will never amount to anything.”  Do multiple diagnoses and low expectations from those who do not understand sound familiar?  The good news is that we all know the story and contributions of Albert Einstein.  Every child with ADHD has great potential if we choose to view this as an opportunity rather than a disorder.

Natural solutions from food and nutritional sources have been used to successfully manage the symptoms of ADHD for over 30 years.

2.    Epigenetics explains the cause of ADHD symptoms.

From a scientific perspective, the cause of ADHD has been investigated without a definitive answer.  Many theories abound from genetics and heredity, epigenetics, head trauma or toxic exposure.  While the ADHD brain is the new brain that can handle the speed of life as we have now come to know it, the symptoms attributed to ADHD, I believe, are caused by the human epigenome.

3.    Scientists in the field of epigenetics have found that we are what we eat and so are our children and their children.

Epigenetics is the study of the epigenome.  Epigenetics focuses on heritable changes that occur but do not alter DNA or the genome.  DNA is the main component of chromosomes and is the material that transfers genetic characteristics.  The genome is a full set of chromosomes; all the inheritable traits.  Said differently, epigenetics is the study of that which can be inherited but does not come from DNA or the genome.

Epigenetics literally translates to “above the genome”.  Above the genome is a layer of chemicals (histones and methyl groups) that attach to the genome and change the way it expresses in the body.  The epigenome tells the genome what kind of cells to be – essentially when to work, how to work and how much work to do.

Everyone has an epigenome and it tells cells how to operate.  An issue arises when the chemicals in the epigenome restrict or change the healthy function of cells or the genome.  A “problematic” epigenome can be inherited; created during critical life changes such as puberty, pregnancy or trauma; or develop through one’s lifestyle (toxic foods, toxic exposure, etc.).  The good news is that the epigenome can be changed naturally!

Think of the genome as the hardware of your human computer.  The epigenome attaches to your genome and acts as software telling your cells what to do.  The epigenome can tell a cell to be healthy or become abnormal and trigger reactions to certain foods, substances or create disease.

Scientists in the field of epigenetics have proven that food has successfully altered the epigenome in obese mice and their offspring.  Duke University’s Randy Jirtle summed up this study for NOVA by saying that “we’ve got to get people thinking more about what they do.  They have a responsibility for their epigenome.  Their genome they inherit.  Their epigenome, they potentially can alter, and particularly that of their children.  That brings in responsibility, but it also brings in hope.  You’re not necessarily stuck with this.  You can alter this.”

4.    The way children are educated makes a big difference.

Since the inception of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, many changes have been made to the public school systems.

  • The System runs on test scores to “ensure” no child falls behind the set standards.
  • School funding and teacher’s salaries depend on test scores.
  • An integrated way of teaching where multiple learning styles and right and left brain activities are offered is no longer the norm.
  • Budget cuts have left little time for teachers to go the extra mile.  Parents and other volunteers have become essential if a school is to provide adequate services to cover the needs of the children.
  • Homework is often a heavy and taxing load.

In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell mentions that studies have proven that certain learning models can be detrimental to child development.

In her book Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed-Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students, Denise Clark Pope poses a similar argument.

Regarding ADHD, we have a referral model in place.  If a child cannot keep up or is disruptive (which can also jeopardize overall test scores and funding), parents are informed.  If ADHD seems likely, the parents go to a doctor.  If a diagnosis of ADHD or multiple diagnoses are found, which is quite typical, drugs are often recommended to manage the symptoms and allow the child to do well in school.

Most parents are blind-sided by this and are not aware that the symptoms are often caused by allergies and food.  Natural solutions for ADHD symptom relief have worked for over 30 years.

5.    An integrated model for the future

My dream is a world where children are given drugs when necessary and as a last resort rather than the first line of defense, and that parents are educated about their options.  We live in a world of chemicals and genetically modified foods and animals.  Is it any wonder that we have a population with degenerative aging diseases and sensitive children with epidemic proportion maladies?

We need to wake up and realize we only have one body in this lifetime.  We need to treat it right as well as the food and animals we put into our bodies.

The choice is yours.

(References on Epigenetics: NOVA/PBS and

Do you feel that the day-to-day things that come your way are too much to handle?  Do you feel overwhelmed that what your child used to tolerate now causes trauma in some way?  Those of you who already belong to on-line or in-person groups to share information and support already know you’re not alone.

My purpose in writing this article is to touch your heart with hope and faith.  I want to give you something you can take in now and remember in the tough times.  Something that helps you focus your heart on the vision for your life and your child/ren when life brings challenges.

We are all living in a time that history books will speak of as a changing age.  Past generations experienced challenges of shifting times and had to adapt and find the best solutions possible just as we do today.  They had financial, health, societal and world challenges too.  When it hits home though, it can feel like our world is being shaken up.

If you are a parent of a “spectrum” child which ranges from ADHD to schizophrenia, you are a pioneer and a trail blazer whether you realize it or not.  The age we’re moving into is one in which we must utilize our whole selves – body, mind and spirit.  Your sensitive children have come in ready for this way of living.

It’s true that every child is different and one solution does not work for all.  However, solutions are available and we’re all here to help the children live their best lives possible.  Remember that God never gives us anything we can’t handle and miracles and blessings happen every day!  We just have to expect them and be grateful.

So here are some things I’d like to offer to you as practices to nurture yourself as much as possible and put you in a receptive place to receive miracles and blessings.  You know on airplanes they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first for a very good reason.

  • What kind of life do you want for yourself and your family?  Get very specific about this in all areas of life.  Write it down and read it often.  If you like, call it the vision for your life and create a vision board if you’re into art.  Or you can make it a family project.  You’ll be surprised how inspired ideas and solutions will come your way.
  • Gratitude is the language of the Universe.  Meaning, if we want something good, be grateful for what we have and we will get more for which to be grateful.  I know how difficult this one may seem at times.  However, Norman Cousins cured himself of cancer by watching funny movies and staying in that high happy state.  Make a gratitude list every day and teach this to your children also.  If you think you don’t have the time to write it down, run it in your head when you’re in the shower or as you’re getting ready for bed at night.  Gratitude is essential to your wellbeing!
  • Starting your day with a quieting practice such as meditation, breathing or whatever soothes your Soul is the best gift you will ever give yourself – even if it’s only for 10 minutes.  It’s worth getting up early to do as it will connect your body, mind and spirit and set the tone for a peaceful day.  This really works!
  • Dance – even if it’s only around the house.
  • Exercise releases feel good chemicals in your body.  Even if you only do jumping jacks while you’re waiting for water to boil on the stove, do it!  It will give you a whole new outlook and break the trance of stress.

I think I’ve given you enough things to try for now.  Please leave comments after trying these tips or feedback for others if you already do them.  Remember, we’re all in this together!

Enjoy Infinite Blessings,


Are you a parent struggling with the symptoms of ADHD in your child?  Are you looking for quick answers to help you keep your life and your family on track while doing the best you can for your child?

There’s a lot of information out there in the form of books, blogs, videos, web sites, etc.  How are you supposed to find the time to sift through it all to determine the best solutions for your child and your life?  I know it may seem overwhelming at times.

Well that is about to change!

Come and join a free one-hour interactive webinar and learn answers to the following questions and much more from an ADHD Solutions Expert and Life Wellness Coach:

  • What’s the cause of ADHD?
  • Is there a simple and natural solution?
  • Does one solution work for every child?
  • How do I get my child to focus on what s/he doesn’t want to do and improve grades?
  • Why does it help to know your child’s learning style?
  • How can I deal with hyperactivity symptoms naturally?

You will receive a lot of great information based on my training, research and experience.  However, I know you may be struggling with very specific issues.  So, I’d like to provide time toward the end of the webinar to answer your questions!

This will be your opportunity to get coaching from an experienced ADHD Solutions Expert and get your personal needs addressed.

Since this is such a hot topic, I’m offering two webinars to accommodate schedules.  My goal is to educate and help you and as many people as possible who are dealing with symptoms of ADHD in children.

Webinar #1

When:        Thursday, July 29, 2010  at 12:00 p.m. ET

Where:       Internet (To hear the audio you will need to dial in via phone or computer.)

Register:    E-mail


Webinar #2

When:        Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 9:00 p.m. ET

Where:       Internet (To hear the audio you will need to dial in via phone or computer.) 

Register:    E-mail  

Cheryl Healey is an ADHD coach and I have hired her more than once. She understands ADHD; the difference between someone with ADD traits versus actual ADHD.  As a therapist myself, I am confident in referring clients to her for ADHD coaching because I know she shares a compassionate heart and offers her clients practical tools, strategies, and advice to ensure their success.  – Krista H. Wells, Ph.D.

Cheryl Healey is an ADHD Solutions Expert, Life Wellness Coach and Behavior Modification Specialist.  Based on her work with children and teens with ADHD and their families seeking natural solutions for symptom relief, Cheryl offers proven solutions and many options to help you help your child.  Cheryl has an office in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and works with clients nationally over the phone.

To learn more about Cheryl, visit and

Register now as space is limited!  Share this information with someone you know who needs help for their child diagnosed with ADHD.  They’ll be glad you did!

If you are unable to attend, replays will be available for $8.  To order replay access, e-mail

Enter your e-mail address to subscribe.

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