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For many people, the American dream means getting married, having children, and living happily ever after.  The day-to-day doesn’t always feel like happily ever after though does it?

Are you the parent of a sensitive child? 

Does your sensitive child:

    *  Care about other people’s feelings as much or more than their own

    *  Sense when something is wrong

*  Take many things personally that weren’t meant to be personal

*  Feel emotional conflicts within the home are their issues to fix

*  Withdraw or hide when there is an argument or harsh words

*  Have allergies to food or other substances

*  Seem wise beyond their years in some ways

If you could spend an hour one morning learning how to better understand your sensitive child, help them with their gifts and create family harmony, would that be worth something to you?

Since every child truly is a unique work of art, the way a child displays their sensitivity depends on certain factors.  Some of those factors include:

*  What your child believes about themselves

*  What they believe about their safety at home and in their outer world

*  Understanding their own sensitivity and intuitive gifts

*  Learning to trust it is OK and safe to be themselves

*  Environments

We all have our own way of viewing and interpreting life and everything that happens around us.  So does your sensitive child.  With heightened gifts, they can sometimes feel what other people feel and mistake those feelings for their own.

Has your child been give a label of ADHD?  Sometimes that happens.

Is it difficult for you sometimes to keep the faith that everything will work out well?

If you could spend one hour getting help with these issues, would that be time well spent?

Sign up for this webinar if you are ready to:

*   Unhook from the collective mindset about sensitive children

    *  Tap into your inner guidance and help your child do the same

*  Understand the bigger picture

    *  Think out of the box

*  Create new awareness and opportunities

    *  Learn tools to help move forward in faith and confidence

You will receive a lot of great information based on my training, research and experience.  However, I know you may be struggling with very specific issues.  So, I will provide time toward the end of the webinar to answer your questions!

When:               Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. ET

Where:              Internet (To hear the audio you will need to dial in via

phone or computer.)

Cost:                  $10.00

Registration:    E-mail

Register now as space is limited! 

Learn how you and your child may create a more harmonious path embracing sensitivity as the gift it is meant to be.

Cheryl Healey is a professionally trained Life Coach, ADHD Solutions Expert, Speaker and Author.  Cheryl was once a sensitive child herself.  Join in and benefit from her expert wisdom, knowledge and experience.  To learn more about Cheryl, visit and

Share this information with someone you know who needs help for their sensitive child.  They will be glad you did!


Do you have a sensitive child?  Are you sensitive?  You are not alone!  In a world that recommends conformity, celebrating and nurturing uniqueness can make a world of difference!

There have always been sensitive children.  I should know because I was one of them.  What does being sensitive really mean though since everyone is at least a little bit “sensitive”?  For the purposes of this article, I define sensitive as intuitive on one or more levels, i.e., feeling, hearing, seeing or knowing; as well as sensitive physically to foods and chemicals.  A sensitive child may also be gifted and have a very high IQ.

I believe that sensitive children are becoming the norm.  Children coming in now are hard-wired to succeed in this new fast-paced world in which we live.  How many six year olds have you seen master a computer better than an adult?

Their sensitivities are a blessing and a challenge.  The blessing is that they can easily adapt and size up a situation.  The challenge is that they size things up according to their world-view in a world that doesn’t always honor sensitivity.  If sensitive children are taught to utilize their gifts and intuition and nurtured for who they are with understanding rather than judgment, they will thrive.  Their gifts will help them excel at their purpose in life at which they will find true joy and enthusiasm.  The world will truly benefit from the unique life purpose they are each here to share.

If sensitive children are labeled as inferior, ADHD or some other “disorder” and taught to distrust their natural gifts and abilities, both they and the world will suffer because of it.  They bring us a wake-up call collectively to clean-up our toxic and chemical-dependent way of life and honor each other as Souls.  They show us that poisoning the food supply and treating the animals we eat in ways that are inhumane will only hurt us all eventually.

If you are the parent of a sensitive child, you know only too well how certain foods, chemicals, lack of exercise or a negative experience can trigger something less than an ideal day.  They are here to give you, as parent and individual, a personal wake-up call as well.  Only you will know what that means for you.

As a busy parent, you need quick solutions and healthy options.  In order to effect positive change, we must do the best we can on any given day.  Some days those choices will be healthier than others.  If we take more steps forward than backward, it’s a good day.

We are on the cusp of a golden opportunity to make smarter and healthier choices to set the children up to succeed.  As a consumer, you are a member of the most powerful lobby group in the country.  Cast your vote with your dollars and make healthy choices.

The children deserve the best we can give them.  You and your whole family deserve the best you can imagine.  Let’s envision a world where food is safe and healthy and so are the children.  May our every action follow our heart’s desire as best as we are able.

Enjoy infinite blessings every moment of every day!

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