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When I was in grade school waiting for the bus to come and take me to school, I remember complaining to my Mom that I wished it was already Friday. She said, “Wait until you’re 21; they all fly by.” As a typical kid, I rolled my eyes at what my seemingly ancient Mom (then in her early 30’s) had to say. Guess what? I now have the wisdom to know she was right.

Days do fly by whether we like it or not. So why not make the most of our days and like them and our experiences a little bit more every day? What if changing our focus, attitude and outlook made the biggest difference? Because it usually does.

What if you could change your mind and realize that your current conditions are temporary? What if you stopped projecting negativity onto your future? What if you stopped watching and listening to the news? What if being an optimist and focusing on and moving toward the wellness and goals you desire becomes easier the more you do it? How do athletes excel at what they do? Practice, practice, practice – and a coach and a team and fans…

Here’s an example. One respondent to my survey said she liked my video but found the information overwhelming. My guess would be that she didn’t download the free eBook that gives step-by-step instructions. But let’s say she did download it, but just had too much going on in her life and found it difficult to not revert back to old habits. That’s easy to do.

When you want to make a change in your life, what must you do? Create a plan and consistently stick to it until you reach your goal. Also, you must make adjustments as necessary to the plan to accommodate what’s going on in your life.

The same is true for healing symptoms currently attributed to ADHD. The video presented the big picture of how the meme of ADHD came to be. It took years and systems to create that meme. It won’t change overnight nor is it any one person’s responsibility to change it. It’s just information. We’re all in this together. What you do with that information is up to you.

My suggestion is to start with one thing. Begin with the issue that is causing the most upset for you, your child and your family. Focus on healing that issue until it is gone or manageable as naturally as possible. Then as your intuition guides you, tackle another issue, and so on. If it involves other family members, make each change a family decision that everyone can buy into. When everyone knows WHY something is a good idea despite what “others” are doing, they just might see the value in changing it which then inspires them to stick with it.

Everyone, including children, have beliefs that rule their behavior. If you can get to the belief that drives the problem behavior and get them to reframe it, that’s called coaching and it can work miracles with new results. Take a look at my previous post for examples.

If you need assistance, get support. You never have to go it alone. Life will move forward whether you’re on board as a pessimist or an optimist. Why not make your experiences as joyful as you can. Change is the only constant so expect miracles because everything is temporary and God is everywhere.

Enjoy infinite blessings!

I’ve struggled with a sugar addiction since I was a young child.  I know this is not unique to me.  Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology has waged a campaign against sugar in his video entitled The Bitter Truth.

As an emotional stress eater, sugar has been my vice since I was a child.  Growing up in a household where food was used as love, it was an easy habit to acquire.  Do you have a Mom or a family member who offers you a cookie or some food to help make you feel better?  “Here honey, have a cupcake.  It’ll make you feel better.”  Unfortunately all it does is distract you temporarily from the issue at hand.  Given the diabetes epidemic and the rise of obesity, this pattern only adds to what should have been a temporary issue if we only decide to move through it rather than push it down with food.

Having recently vowed to give up sugar – again, I decided it was time to lose the excess stress weight and take control of this pattern for good.  As with any addiction, and most especially food addictions, it is very easy to “fall off the wagon.”  Television commercials, magazines and grocery store isles can tempt the taste buds constantly.

I even found a way to trick myself into thinking I was sticking to my plan.  I discovered an organic protein bar and an organic probiotic drink that I love.  While a healthy choice for some, it is still poison for my life-long overworked pancreas.  This morning I decided to go to the store for a second batch of the probiotic drink.  I had two small bottles yesterday so my receptor sites were still abuzz with that sugar high since it takes about three days to move sugar through the body.  It only has one gram of sugar and ten calories after all – seemingly not a bad choice – right?  Not for me.  It may have all organic fruit and probiotics, but my body still reacts to mainlining fruit juice even if it is only one gram of sugar.

My guidance warned me more than once on the way to the store and after I arrived there not to go in.  I even stood outside the store debating with my guidance.  I’m sure anyone who has struggled with a diet or addiction has had this inner battle at one time or another.  In the end, I went in and made the purchase as well as a protein bar.

The protein bar was gone before I got home.  Sound familiar?  Once at home I drank the beverage and sure enough not too long afterward my body reacted with a feeling of inflammation.  A little bit later I got that low blood sugar fatigue.  I poured the rest of the drinks down the drain.

After my last article entitled “In God We Trust?” I realized that addiction can be a metaphor for the Garden of Eden in which Eve took a bite of the apple in spite of her guidance.  My guidance directed me not to go to that store and not buy that which I had decided was not in my highest interest.  Had I listened to my guidance, how much better would my body and mind have felt not having the sugar – organic or not, running through my system wreaking havoc?

I later heard in meditation, “Don’t do that again.”  When faced with an opportunity to go against your guidance and “take a bite of the apple,” remember the orchard of your true intentions that awaits you instead if you stay the course.  Please seek help if you feel you need it.

If you’re a parent with the habit of offering food or unhealthy beverages to your family to calm feelings, please make a conscious effort to change it.  A conversation, a hug, exercise or a heart-connecting alternative are just a few suggestions.  Stay the course.  The end result comes highly recommended 😉

To your health and happiness!

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