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I recently posted an action item which I don’t usually do. However, censorship is something I experience personally and it continues to spread regarding natural solutions for health as well as our right to share that information and give testimonials. I believe I have a right to choose how I treat or prevent an illness in my body as well as tell others about it so they have the right to choose for themselves. Every “body” is different. Everyone knows the required disclaimers regarding “checking with your doctor first….” We all have the right to know and share alternative health-care options and then choose for ourselves – especially since every drug comes with known side-effects. Is America a corporate dictatorship or a democracy?

The link I posted previously is no longer accessible so I am removing it. Was it a true or temporary action item or a hoax which is so common on the internet these days? I unfortunately run into things like that on my journey to heal the myth of ADHD.

Even state legislatures now experience issues regarding their right to pass laws to label GMO’s.  Connecticut started the ball rolling as is their right, but they know there is safety in numbers and require other neighboring states to follow before they act on their own new law.  I assume they don’t want to be sued by biotech companies as so many farmers do who lose their farms.  I ask again, is this a corporate dictatorship or a democracy?

The American people are waking up.  Parents have the right to know what they are feeding their families and pets.

I have posted the link below to the World-wide GMO labeling laws before, but it is worth repeating. It shows how far behind the United States and North America in general are regarding the people’s right to know what you eat and feed your families.

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