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Compass yay-473852What is on your list to do this year? Did you set a resolution? Did you swear 1, 5 or 10 years ago that you would eat healthfully and work out regularly; write that book; change your career? Make 2016 the year you finally accomplish your thing.

Statistics tell us most people stick with their New Year’s resolutions for about 30 days or less. What statistics neglect to inform is there is always more to the story and you are not a statistic.

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Have you ever heard “neurons that fire together wire together”? Have you ever given any thought to what that really means; how it happens and how you can rewire them to serve your needs better?

Let’s cover those items one at a time.

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Do you have a success process? If you have one, can you write it down? Does it work every time?

I created a class a few years ago to help participants discover their own unique success process. Feedback told me that most people didn’t realize that what they do and how they do it equals successful results.

Do you want to write a book? How often do you sit down and write? Do you know what you want to write about and have you visualized the outcome in advance? Can you feel the feeling of excitement inside you when you think about it? Do you have faith in yourself to be the person in your vision? Again, how often do you write and what is your deadline?

The decision is the starting point, and I do mean decision, not just a wish. The vision in your mind coupled with the enthusiastic feeling of accomplishment for the sheer joy of doing it is what will get you to work on it every day. Please read that again.

That process can apply to any goal – not just writing a book.

What’s your vision? Are you committed to it? Make a plan. Create a schedule and “just do it” as Nike is famous for saying.

Need motivation? Imagine yourself on your death bed looking back at your life. Will you regret not having done it?

Need inspiration? Read some inspiring quotes at The Gift of You or on my Facebook Page.

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To your dream! Don’t let it pass you by.

Cheryl Healey

Your Own Version of Cool

Have you ever wanted a certain outcome but knew you had no real control over how it would turn out? Did you ever just have to trust God/Consciousness to guide you? I’ve had that experience many times.

One of my most impressive experiences involved a healing. I was told I needed a surgical root canal for the second time on the same tooth. The endodontist showed me film of it to prove his point.

Later, I thought “God, I can’t go through that again. I just can’t. I’ve had so many of those already.” I had been in a car accident years before and my teeth started to be affected over time.

So I decided I was going to try to change the outcome to be the way I wanted it to be. I meditated and then visualized the endodontist’s office and not needing the surgery. I did that until I saw the room filled with white light and felt the feeling of it with gratitude. Then I let it go.

I did some healthful things I knew to do after that and just lived my life until it was time for the appointment. When I sat in the chair and he took a new film, he was shocked and asked what I did? I asked what he meant to which he answered it was healed and I didn’t need surgery. “What did you do?”

I told him prayer and the other things. It wasn’t me. It was Consciousness. I was very grateful. 🙂

Another time I was guided to sell my house during the housing melt-down before I was headed for foreclosure. I set the intention to sell it in less than a month even though that seemed totally unrealistic in that housing market especially for my small two-bedroom villa.

With appropriate actions, focus and attitude, guess what? Not only did it sell and close in less than a month, but I got to live there as a renter. My cat also got to live the rest of her life in the neighborhood she grew up in and loved. I was very grateful.

Those are only two examples of healing in my body, mind and life to align with my guidance and intentions.

What do you want in and for your life or for the world?

There is an Asian story about a farmer who was about to loose his farm. He went to a wise man and asked what he should do. The wise man told him to gather some carrots, eggs and tea leaves. The wise man told him to fill three pots with water and set them to boil; one with the carrots; one with the eggs and one with the tea leaves.

When the desired outcome had occurred, the wise man told the farmer to remove the carrots, eggs and tea from the fire. The wise man asked the farmer what had happened.

The farmer smiled in recognition. The carrots grew soft and mushy. The eggs hard shell did not protect the inside from getting hard. The tea leaves transformed the water into tea.

The boiling water was the challenge. The carrots, eggs and tea leaves all met the challenge with very different results.

As the song title says, “I’ve got the power” and so do you! God is in each and every one of us and every thing. How do you think a caterpillar turns into a butterfly? How do you think an acorn turns into an oak tree? How do you think I healed my body and sold my house?

We have the power of love flowing through us to create blessings for ourselves, others and the world. Sure there are those who believe more in fear than in love and they try to spread that B.S. Guess what? They just get more to fear in life because that’s their focus.

I suggest you tap into your God-given power and go for the life you want. Go ahead. I know you’ve got what it takes.

If you need a little help tapping your inner wisdom along the way, I’m doing a small amount of free coaching.

Enjoy infinite blessings,

Cheryl Healey

Confidence is a state of mind.

It is also a skill that takes practice. Your unconscious mind wants to keep you in your comfort zone where it feels safe but often confused on how to succeed.

In other words, you only have confidence if the task is not new to you. Practice is the only thing that will build confidence and greater skills.

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God puts the dreams in your heart. This is what ignites your every cell to say YES! I want that in my life. Or, YES! I want that for the world. However, if it also feels like a stretch, that’s a good thing. Your intuition is your GPS from God and your Soul.

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Have you ever hesitated to move forward with a project or life change that on some level you knew was in line with who you really are and why you are here?  If you have read any of my other articles, you know that a large part of my purpose is to raise awareness of natural solutions for the symptoms of a diagnosis of ADHD.

When we are here to illuminate the hearts and minds of others to alternative and healthier options for life, sometimes it takes a while for us to muster up the courage or for others to pay attention and embrace what we have to share.  Dedication and a heart-felt commitment are needed to stay the course.

A tool I have listed on is a Success Journal.  This is a wonderful way for children and adults to document daily experiences that create a feeling of joy and success.  On days when you or your child are feeling a little less than successful, open up your very own Success Journal and allow yourself to be reminded of not only the accomplishments you have achieved so far, but also to relive the feelings those accomplishments created inside of you.  Remember that it takes at least 21 days to create a habit, so make sure you and your child stick with the journal for optimum benefit.

If you or your child have a day when even the Success Journal may not give you the hug or push you may need, I recommend body movement.  Not only does body movement and exercise create feel-good endorphins in the brain, but it may also give you a surprise gift from God or the Universe (whatever term you use).  Here’s an example.

Nature always gets me connected to my Source.  One evening recently I needed the expansiveness that nature provides.  So I went for a very long walk near the water.  I took some time to meditate, star gaze and just enjoy the breeze and the gifts of nature.  On the walk back I still wasn’t quite yet in that feel-good place when I saw a little child in a stroller being pushed in my direction by his parents.  This child lit up like a light bulb when he saw me, and he could not take his eyes off of me.  I automatically smiled and waved at him.  As I passed, he turned as much as he could in his stroller and continued to watch me with that huge smile and glow on his face.

While this may not seem significant to you or someone who wasn’t there, it felt like this child was looking at me with eyes of Divine Love.  He absolutely lit up as if he knew me and was glad to see me.  His look was one of which we do not typically use to look at ourselves.  That experience felt like it was a Divine message to see the light inside of me as that child did and continue on with joy to do what I am here to do.

It was not a surprise that God would use a child to touch my heart since it is the children I am here to help but first must reach through the current mindset of their parents and society.  I have had quite a few experiences like that in my life where children look at me in just that way.  Not all children obviously, but those who are meant to remind me I suppose.

Children that young, especially sensitive or gifted children are still connected to the Source from which they came.  They remember until they are conditioned to forget and conform.

My message to you is to look at yourself with that same kind of love, joy and recognition that I received from that young Soul.  Teach your child/ren to do the same.  Also be sure to pay attention to any messages that serendipitously come your way and touch your heart.  It might just be the next entry in your Success Journal.

See and shine the light of you and make it fun!

Enjoy infinite blessings every moment of every day!

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