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  • you are a parent or guardian
  • you are an educator
  • you are in the medical or healing arts professions
  • your heart longs to connect with your Soul again and be the gift you came here to be
  • you are a human being living on planet earth


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We are often the last to hear what we say to ourselves.  We often repeat certain things for so long that we have accepted them as reality.  Fish see water last as that old saying goes.

Do you have this belief?

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I met a woman in a health store this morning who was looking for natural solutions for lice for her grandchild. She was also confused about which of the many natural solutions would be most effective. The store representative with whom she was dealing told her a brief answer that the products were the same. This was a true statement. However, the questions she wasn’t asking were implied in her inability to make a decision about which product to purchase.

Being knowledgeable about many natural solutions, I politely chimed in on the differences in the products and things to be mindful of when administering them to her grandchild. She said that her grandchild goes to an affluent day care; she had never experienced lice before in her entire life and didn’t understand how this could happen. I explained that socio-economic status made no difference any longer to the bugs and bacteria that are becoming stronger due to all the pesticides and chemicals being used. This is the world in which we now temporarily reside. She understood, thanked me and told the store rep to give her the option that was most cost-effective.

For that woman, the health of her grandchild came first and then the money came second. However, she couldn’t make a decision until she understood the issues at play.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
– Philippe De Clermont

Humans are also experiencing growth and survival challenges as are many species. That brings me to why it is so important to be who we each came here to be. Each and every one of us have gifts we must bring forth. We are here to contribute in some way; first by being true to ourselves.

I believe most of us are born knowing our connection to the Divine and the innate power of that creative force that flows through us and all around us. I also believe that somewhere along the way in Earth’s history people began to unlearn that connection. Over time that turned into systems of belief and operating. We are here to remember who we are divinely. Being human, with all its potential frailties, is part of the process.

What I have come to realize is that life for many of us follows this pattern:

• Born knowing and trusting your Divine connection and creative power and gifts. Life is meant to be explored and enjoyed.
• Then taught by those who were also taught that we are innately flawed and disconnected from the One and only Divine power which is mistakenly believed to be only outside of us. Therefore, who are we to think we have creative power and valuable gifts worth sharing. Play it safe and stick with past programs.
• Those who bought into that model live life with fixed and limited beliefs regarding certain things about themselves, their abilities and possibilities.
• Some with this model of being use fear to stop themselves from being who God created them to be to utilize their gifts to enjoy and better their life which will ultimately benefit others as well.

God made everything and everyone. Therefore, we are all part of the One as a drop of ocean water is part of the entire ocean. Modern scientific research has found that our feelings send energy into the wholeness of being. Therefore, we each contribute to creation of the collective whole with our own feelings.

“The feeling is the prayer.”
– Unknown

God gave us each free will and the ability to focus. Intuition is your GPS connection to Source energy/God as self. The breath is your connection to your Soul.

“When you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One of the tricks in life is learning to tell the difference between fear and intuition. If you have a fixed belief system about something, it is tougher to distinguish between fear and intuition. The differences are very subtle and unique to the individual.

You must often unlearn, reframe and let go of habits that stand between your gifts and what you want to achieve in your life. Peeling the onion so to speak can take lifetimes. An easier way can be to act as if as actors do. Decide what you want and keep moving toward it. Play the part, train for the role of your life, and feel the feelings of having it. Send that out into the collective and then pay attention to serendipity.

  1. You are the decider in your life. Everything else is an excuse.
  2. Act as if it’s already accomplished (because it already is completed in the mind of God because God places the dreams in your Soul).
  3. Everything that happens once you make that decision has to happen for you to be in a state of receiving it. You must be the person you need to be when the role of you owning it materializes.
  4. Your intuition is your GPS that will take you there in the quickest most grace-filled way.
  5. Focus on the end goal knowing obstacles are just hurdles to make you grow into the role of your life.
  6. Let go of the how and the when. Needing to know those things are part of a fixed and limited pattern of being. You determine the ultimate destination, but God is driving the limo. Remember, it’s already created in the mind of God.

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God puts the dreams in your heart. This is what ignites your every cell to say YES! I want that in my life. Or, YES! I want that for the world. However, if it also feels like a stretch, that’s a good thing. Your intuition is your GPS from God and your Soul.

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If you and your family already have the life you desire, congratulations. If not, perhaps these real-life examples will provide insights that may help you. Often times seeing how others have worked through their issues not only helps you feel that you’re not alone, but can also provide a morphing-off point to spark your own gifts.

Here are some examples offered to inspire you at

Enjoy infinite blessings!

I’m sure you’ve heard the question: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Have you ever had an intuitive hit and then “it” happened? Well what came first? The intuitive hit or the event letting you know it was on its way to you?

No matter the size of your goals and purpose such as the father who created work programs for disabled young adults or me and others spreading the word that certain health “conditions” only exist because of a toxic food supply and environment…

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Have you ever hesitated to move forward with a project or life change that on some level you knew was in line with who you really are and why you are here?  If you have read any of my other articles, you know that a large part of my purpose is to raise awareness of natural solutions for the symptoms of a diagnosis of ADHD.

When we are here to illuminate the hearts and minds of others to alternative and healthier options for life, sometimes it takes a while for us to muster up the courage or for others to pay attention and embrace what we have to share.  Dedication and a heart-felt commitment are needed to stay the course.

A tool I have listed on is a Success Journal.  This is a wonderful way for children and adults to document daily experiences that create a feeling of joy and success.  On days when you or your child are feeling a little less than successful, open up your very own Success Journal and allow yourself to be reminded of not only the accomplishments you have achieved so far, but also to relive the feelings those accomplishments created inside of you.  Remember that it takes at least 21 days to create a habit, so make sure you and your child stick with the journal for optimum benefit.

If you or your child have a day when even the Success Journal may not give you the hug or push you may need, I recommend body movement.  Not only does body movement and exercise create feel-good endorphins in the brain, but it may also give you a surprise gift from God or the Universe (whatever term you use).  Here’s an example.

Nature always gets me connected to my Source.  One evening recently I needed the expansiveness that nature provides.  So I went for a very long walk near the water.  I took some time to meditate, star gaze and just enjoy the breeze and the gifts of nature.  On the walk back I still wasn’t quite yet in that feel-good place when I saw a little child in a stroller being pushed in my direction by his parents.  This child lit up like a light bulb when he saw me, and he could not take his eyes off of me.  I automatically smiled and waved at him.  As I passed, he turned as much as he could in his stroller and continued to watch me with that huge smile and glow on his face.

While this may not seem significant to you or someone who wasn’t there, it felt like this child was looking at me with eyes of Divine Love.  He absolutely lit up as if he knew me and was glad to see me.  His look was one of which we do not typically use to look at ourselves.  That experience felt like it was a Divine message to see the light inside of me as that child did and continue on with joy to do what I am here to do.

It was not a surprise that God would use a child to touch my heart since it is the children I am here to help but first must reach through the current mindset of their parents and society.  I have had quite a few experiences like that in my life where children look at me in just that way.  Not all children obviously, but those who are meant to remind me I suppose.

Children that young, especially sensitive or gifted children are still connected to the Source from which they came.  They remember until they are conditioned to forget and conform.

My message to you is to look at yourself with that same kind of love, joy and recognition that I received from that young Soul.  Teach your child/ren to do the same.  Also be sure to pay attention to any messages that serendipitously come your way and touch your heart.  It might just be the next entry in your Success Journal.

See and shine the light of you and make it fun!

Enjoy infinite blessings every moment of every day!

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