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Focus is power.  Focus is also the hottest commodity in today’s world.  Grabbing the focus of the buying public is the job of all marketing and media.  It is how the world works.  How can a product or idea sell if it doesn’t catch the attention of the masses?  Advertisers use this to their advantage even on children with commercials between cartoons.  Focus is so important that drug companies market drugs for children as young as six years old to improve focus and test scores.

So how can you and your child/ren (if you have any) focus on what you each choose and deem as healthy and beneficial for your lives rather than be distracted by that which does not serve your values or intentions?  The answer is awareness and practice.

First you must each be aware that almost everything is a choice and you each have the ability to choose whether something warrants your time and focus or not.  Second, you must each be aware that all media and advertising are just someone else’s viewpoints.

If you want to achieve what you desire for your life, it is very important to be an independent thinker.  Albert Einstein said that “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Did you know that Albert Einstein had ADHD and Asperbergers?  One of his elementary school teachers told Albert’s father that it didn’t matter what Albert did because he would never amount to anything.

Everyone has opinions based on their own beliefs, experiences and agenda.  The interesting thing is that most of your beliefs were started by someone other than you.

Here is an exercise for you and children to strengthen your focus and awareness skills.

Choose an object to focus on for at least two minutes when you are alone and not driving.  It can be a pen, your hand, whatever you choose.  It cannot be the television, a computer or anything that changes.  Focus on it for at least one minute thinking only of that object.  If something else happens to distract you (other than something you must attend to like your child or an emergency), keep your thoughts focused on the object.  Your mind may wander and that’s OK; just bring your mind back to the object.  Do this exercise every day.  You may increase the time or change the object upon which you focus.  Over time you will find that the focus skill you are building is transferable.  The skill of ignoring distractions that do not require your response will become more of a conscious choice for you.

This is great for children as well.  It may seem boring to them in our fast-paced video-game driven world, but the benefits will build a necessary balance for them.  It’s easy to do and the rewards are immense.  Over time focus and the awareness to decide whether or not to pay attention to a distraction will become conscious choices rather than automatic reactions.

Make it fun rather than a chore.  Focus on something that makes you smile and the time will fly by.  Also trade off and focus on something that seems boring as this is where the skill is needed most.

Thoughts precede feelings, and actions and inactions spring from emotions.  Focus starts that whole ball rolling.  Master the skill to focus naturally and you become a master.  This is what meditation is all about – the control of focus.

Our modern-day world has so many interesting things vying for your attention.  Focus is your friend to help you and your family members achieve what you each desire.  Controlling your focus is the first step to owning your power.  As Walter Anderson says in his wonderful book entitled The Confidence Course, “focus on solutions.”  What you and your children focus upon expands.  If you focus on the problem, it grows.  Focus on solutions and solutions will come to your intuitive mind if you are willing.

Enjoy infinite blessings!

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Enjoy infinite blessings!

While I post many things to raise awareness so everyone is free to make informed choices, my goal is to promote healing and empowerment in the individual.

Please take a moment today to close your eyes and imagine yourself, your loved ones and the world in a ball of Divine healing white light.  Feel Love inside of this light and take it into your heart and send it out to the world.  I will do the same – often.

Please share this practice with those who may be interested.

Thank you!

Cheryl Healey

What would it take…

  • for the children to be symptom-free?
  • to realize the symptoms have causes that can be treated and prevented naturally?
  • for the children to no longer be labeled or picked on?

What if…

  • the oceans and fish were free of mercury and other toxins?
  • fish that were farm raised were fed what they need rather than corn,  soy, who knows what else and artificial coloring?
  • the animals we eat were all raised humanely without toxic chemicals, antibiotics and hormones and could roam freely?
  • the lives of animals used for food were ended in the most loving, honoring and humane way possible?
  • animals were seen and treated as living, feeling creatures by everyone?
  • all food was free of toxins and hormones?
  • all food was manufactured in such a way as to retain the natural vitamins and minerals God infused into them?
  • all GMO’s were labeled so we are free to choose what we eat?
  • the soil in which food grows was free of toxins and filled with nutrients?
  • the products we put on and into the body were all health-affirming?
  • household cleaning products were harmless to humans and pets?
  • sustainable sources of energy became a priority?
  • innovative forward-thinking ideas became more popular and received funding?

What if…

  • people in charge decided to care about and support these things?
  • people in charge started to make decisions to fix the causes of these issues and followed through with those decisions?

What would happen if…

  • we stopped creating wars?

What if…

  • our constitutional rights were still in operation as intended by our forefathers?
  • you, as a member of the American public trusted your intuition first rather than follow the pack blindly?
  • the American public expected the best?

What would it take for you to expect the best?  What if by expecting the best you help create it?

What if we all stopped blaming and started working together to choose loving and healthy solutions?

What if all it would take was one person at a time making the most healthy, loving and empowering decisions possible every day?  What if each person worked to heal personal issues rather than project them onto others?  When emotional wounds are healed, awareness and consciousness grows.  When consciousness is raised, possibility expands.  What if the number of people who do this grew to millions or greater?  What would a world like this look like?  What would a world like this FEEL like?

We are on the cusp of realizing the greatest potential for this planet.  Disarm fear and doubt.  Choose love and peace for everyone.  Take inspired action.  Expect the best!  We really are all One.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

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